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Event Trends to look out for in 2020

The event industry is a forever evolving industry, in 2019 we saw some exciting developments in the industry and 2020 will be no different. Here are some event trends you can expect to see – make sure you plan an event to remember!


  • Smaller/ Intimate events:

Hosting big events may seem to be the biggest achievement by many company owners and/or event planners, however, things have shifted. The demand is actually growing for simpler, smaller, bespoke events with authentic opportunities to meet face-to-face, network and generate an ROI on your event.

A lot may think that events are purely for creating visibility however, events are evolving, and being considered more as a chance to engage better with your clients, audience and potential consumers – therefore building and enforcing relationships and brand trust.

Also, Marketing Insider Group says Consumers are increasingly demanding authenticity from brands and becoming distrustful of big business. Creating more opportunities to speak with individual customers on a one-on-one basis makes your brand feel more personal and less like a faceless corporation.

Bespoke events also open up the possibility of using unique boutique venues and help to keep costs down.


  • Experience & Live event entertainment

Gone are the days of unending keynotes and long PowerPoint presentations. Clients / guests want to be entertained – they want an experience and expect to be wowed or walk away gaining insights that will add value to themselves or their brands.

According to Glamour Magazine the term “festivalisation” has become the buzz word in the events industry. “Events – and the planning thereof – should be fun. And, what could be more fun than combining your average event with the elements of a festival?” says Raylene de Wet, Director of Event Sales at Hyatt Regency Johannesburg.

“Festivalisation” has led to the exchange of closed conference rooms for unusual and unique outdoor venues.  Speakers now share the stage with live music and comedians. Corporate meeting attendees are looking for transformative experiences that will improve their daily work life.

Live music adds a lot of life to an event. People are more attracted to live music because it gives guests a sense of belonging. It makes them see themselves as a vital part of the celebration. There is nothing more interesting than experiencing your favourite artist or band play right before your eyes.

Depending on the kind of event you are hosting, you can always match the genre of music to the theme of your event. It also provides you with a variety of options to enhance the occasion and attract attendance should your event be a public event or festival. Music has a way of connecting people and uniting guests from all walks of life.


  • Improvements in Event Wi-Fi

Want your event to be a success and have everyone talking about it? Let your guests spread the word for you. All you have you have to do is make sure that your event has enough bandwidth to accommodate your attendee’s tweets, posts, video and photo uploads. The importance of supplying fast and free wi-fi internet at events is crucial. Being able to have a good connection to the internet at all times is a given lately.

Bad event Wi-Fi can really put a damper on your event. According to Endless Events, a lot of planners don’t know where to start to fix the issue of having bad Wi-Fi – too many feel that they are overpaying for event Wi-Fi.

The price you can expect to pay is related to the scope of the event. In order to improve your Wi-Fi and save on costs, you need to first understand event Wi-Fi is not a one size fits all solution. The location and size of the venue will help determine the most suitable wi-fi for your event. Locating access points and being aware of any dead spots at the venue is extremely important. There is no blanket formula that will make your event have great Wi-Fi, just like event AV there are many moving parts and variables.

In order to improve your event Wi-Fi, planners will need to gather a basic understanding of event Wi-Fi. Be prepared to give enough details to a potential provider to get the best estimate and start planning well in advance.

Key message: event planners need to remember   – the advantage of offering your attendees “free” internet is key to trending and creating maximum exposure for your event.  Most social media content is created live from an event – not so much pre or post.

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